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Selected Publications & Talks of Ludwig Tuman



"What is Success?", a talk given to youth at the Jeng Academy, a center preparing students for college and beyond. Thousand Oaks, California, 2015.

Subjects addressed included inner versus outer signs of success.  Success defined not only in terms of SAT scores, career goals and material possessions, but more importantly, in terms of character, integrity, and an attitude of service to others in all one does.  Also discussed: Why recognizing the oneness of humanity is a requisite for dealing effectively with climate change.  The value of a broad education vs. excessive specialization.  Placing one's career and resources in the service of humankind, with the Choral Tales Project as an example.

Hear the talk here.  

"Charting a Path Forward," address given as a Creative Member of the Club of Budapest, at its 21st anniversary conference in Budapest, Hungary, 2014.  See video at: 

Ludwig Tuman - Talk at Club of Budapest


Subjects included humanity's oneness and spiritual potential, female leadership, the contribution of Indigenous peoples, and the need for an auxiliary world language. The arts and The Choral Tales Project were also discussed.

"How the Arts Can Contribute to Community Building," a keynote address delivered at the 2011 conference of the ABS, North America, held in San Francisco.

"Fostering a Climate of Encouragement in the Arts," a keynote address at the 2008 conference on the arts, sponsored by the Wings to the Spirit Foundation, Pensacola Beach, Florida.


“A New Vision for the Arts in Spiritualizing Society,” a keynote address given at the 2000 Conference on Social and Economic Development, Orlando, Florida, sponsored by the Rabbani Trust.

"A Flexible Format for Public Worship Programs”, given as a facilitator for the workshop on Integrating the Arts into Community Life, at the 2000 Conference for Social and Economic Development, Orlando, Florida. Paper published by the Rabbani Trust on their web site as a downloadable document. 

"How the Arts Contribute to Society."  Videotape presentation in Thousand Oaks, California, 1998. 

"The Role of the Artist in an Emerging World Order."  Presented in the Landegg International Music Forum, at the invitation of the Landegg Academy, Wienacht, Switzerland, Oct. 1992.



"Nueve Pasos para Crear y Nutrir un Coro Comunitario", translation of Nine Steps to Raise and Nurture a Community Choir (see below).  Published by Editorial Alba, Santiago, Chile, 2014.

“A New Vision for the Arts in Spiritualizing Society,” paper given at the 2000 Conference on Social and Economic Development, Orlando, Florida, and published by the Rabbani Trust as a downloadable document on their website at

"The Potential of Art to Affect Ethical Values, Social Harmony, and Stability," paper delivered at the 2002 Conference of the Pacific Rim Institute for Development and Education (PRIDE), at the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA). To be published in conference proceedings, in both English and Chinese.

Espejo de lo Divino: el Arte de la Diversidad, a book of 458 pages. Translation into Spanish of Mirror of the Divine. Published by Arca Editorial, Barcelona, Spain, 2001.


Nine Steps to Raise and Nurture a Community Choir, a booklet co-authored with K.A. Tahirih, published by Celestial Navigation, Wilmette, IL, 2001. Revised 3nd edition, 2014.

“Core Concepts of the Arts,” essay contributed to the 1999 Conference on Social and Economic Development, Orlando, Florida, and published by the Rabbani Trust.  By decision of the organizers of the "Wings to the Spirit" Arts Conference, in Pensacola, Florida, the essay was recommended as preparatory reading and was included in the basic conference materials for all participants in both 2007 and 2008.

“Reflections on the Relation Between Art and Teaching”, in Art Matters, Dec. 1996, No. 3.

Mirror of the Divine, a book of 326 pages. Published by George Ronald, Publisher, in Oxford, England. 1993. Explores the role of the arts in society, the dynamics of multicultural relations in a contracting world, and the future emergence of a world culture where populations and artists are interconnected by travel and technology. (For more information,click here.)

“The Spiritual Role of Art”, 26-page essay, The Journal of Bahá’í Studies, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1992. Won the ABS Award for Excellence. Reprinted in The Bahá’í World, Vol. XX.  (Available for download here.)


"Toward Critical Foundations for a World Culture of the Arts," an essay of 30 pages, in World Order magazine, Wilmette, Illinois. Summer 1975.

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